A Poem of Hope for those rebuilding their lives after Grenfell Tower, and to those who came together to help

The Rainbow

It once soared towards the heavens, but gasped for fresh air. Placed as a cat amongst the pigeons, or should I say a pigeon amongst the cats. The fat cats, spoiled and pampered pusses with their broad coattails and pot bellies.

This so called pigeon, clothed in the most unremarkable rags that belied the brightly tipped plumes within its breast. For they resemble the rays of the sun, wishing to take their place amongst the stars.

Until one day it was overtaken by the swell of the thick black smoke. I can’t see!!! It howled with eyes so strained. Could you ever perceive such a terrible sight? I can’t breathe!!! It shrieked as it gasped frantically, fluttering, truly frightening!!! I can’t live!!! It screamed as the flames scorched the heels of its charred feet and seared its withered tongue.

The fat cats pounced, seeking to scavenge its dried up remains. But to their surprise its wings sprouted, pouring through the cracks of its burnt vessel to reveal an unearthly light, and this light being bathed in the twilight hues of the skies became the most magnificent rainbow.

Last week I saw the rainbow, I became part of the spectrum. It was adorned with precious stones, fashioned together by many hands, impeccably woven with the finest silk. Embroided on each side were those that had lived, those who now lived again and those who came to give life to the living. Combining the most common yet strongest of threads; humanity, empathy and love.

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