The Last Day of Summer


Simply put, I wish for everyone to make what they will of this and interpret it within the context of their own lives and feelings. I love you all enough to give you my words and use them to deal with whatever you are dealing with and appreciate those unfulfilled, could have been, would have been experiences…


The Last Day of Summer

They say you win some you lose some. I won the battle but lost a war, I gained feelings but lost face, I touched but never knew, or knew not but never knowing withdrew.
I stared in the face of the sun, felt the touch of its warmth, the edge of its glow and the rays of its light not knowing whether she would come again. Not knowing if she would come to warm my heart, she not knowing if I could be trusted to see her in all her glory.
So I had a few moments, a few hesitant glimpses. She wanted to open up her heart and give all her heat, her fire, her rage, her passion, her sun spot blemishes, her solar flares and flurries of temper and pain. She wanted all these things to be tamed, but instead I took to the shade and did not step out of its shadow.
There was great empathy in her vulnerability. She burned and I burned but perhaps we both felt spurned for our own reasons but I have to learn to earn my own patience. I walk away parched, high and dry and thirsty but not bitter for I cannot, will not yearn for something was not meant to be but I’m still blinded, dumbfounded by all the possibilities.
And with great sincerity and delight do I wish for her to fully shine her light, but with wonder and envy how I wished to see her light another day. But alas, this last day of summer has passed.





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