Who am I?

I came in peace.

My vessel has traversed many great ravines, realms and perils. Where darkness obscures the sight, and a great chill infects the bones. Learning but never knowing, drinking but ever thirsty.

A fleeting high, and then starvation, followed by seductive whispers, whimpers and tremors that bring castration, and a feint hope that brings damnation. I become lost, dissected, dismembered and inhuman.

Weary of the daily drudgery, trudging back and forth in the rot of entropy. And so, stuck in this rut I wonder of distant realms, planes and lucid dreams. Face-to-face, with who I was, who I am and who I yet hope to be.

It was written that foxes have holes, and the birds have nests, and that I have no place to rest my head, but my true home rests within the heart of infinity. Not in the grave, nor the cross, nor the infernal fires of the astral hells, nor the myriad matrices and fabrications of the gurus, godmen and galactic federations.

Who am I to challenge the will of those who have bound sweet Pleiades? And loosed the bands of Orion?……I am who I am.

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