That Blur Between Christmas & New Years

The Christmas period always feels like a bubble in time and space- where the ‘so-called’ natural laws do not apply, it just feels like one continuous monologue of drinking, Christmas TV specials, eating, lounging and board games, interlaced with Christmas pop classics and reggae.

I love Secret Santa, cheesy Christmas jumpers and being affectionately cheeky with relatives.  I’m all-in when it comes to living for the day; the endless mouthfuls of Quality Streets and Ferrero Rochers; and I love being the ‘meat man’- not to sound dirty but I’ve always been the designated ‘meat man’, with a knack for spices, marinades and Christmas poultry.  And then there is Boxing day, a great day for lounging in one’s underwear.

But what happens next?

I often feel lost between the New year and Christmas period.  I get itchy hands and feet.  If ever there was a time to feel lonely it is then, where we either do one of two things; we either contemplate and reflect on our own lives and trajectories or we fill the time with whatever we feel it needs filling with.  Both can be cathartic and creative, as well as destructive depending on the intent and manifestation.

In the case of the former there is nothing like using the time to catch up with friends or acquaintances, helping out in homeless shelters or working on side projects to fulfil one’s  purpose and desires, meditating on one’s goals, and remembering late relatives.  And all of these things are helpful to both self and others as soothing our own souls allows us to be soothing for others.  Its just the manifestation of the energy that is different.

But in the case of the latter, this time can be a form of negative escapism (because escapism in itself is not necessarily negative and is certainly practical).  What if this time becomes filled with procrastination?  What if self-reflection is painful?  What if it becomes a time of depression and wilderness, or loneliness?

I believe that sometimes in life we become so pre-occupied with ‘things’ be they material or mental that we become fearful of stillness, or find that it seemingly does not exist, or simply cannot find balance.  Do we then see this time and space as a curse?

It’s easy to fill this time with the pub, or a night out (again nothing wrong with this unless it is compulsive, or habitual), its easy to look upon the last 11 months and see failure, or look around at the apparent happiness of couples and those who seem more ‘active’.  And it’s easy to coast for the sake of it until New Years Eve, just to look for the next distraction.

I speak of course as someone who has experienced all sides of this spectrum.   And as someone who still does I encourage you all to see this time as a blessing.  To consider your own strength if you have had a taxing year, because you made it to the end, and to be honest with yourself about where you are at, how best to capture that same spirit that may have been present during the Christmas ‘bubble’ if indeed it was present, or capture that which was lacking for yourself and consider your own needs and desires.

What would you like out of 2019?  More correctly, what does your heart desire now?

This of course is not simply for New Years resolutions, but an all-present affirmation for me and everyone else who wishes to use this as an enabler for greater things, whatever that may mean to you-and when I speak of greatness I speak of that which you have merely concealed, and that which you already had but felt that never, ever existed.

So let us all lose ourselves to ourselves, in order to be found…by ourselves 🙂






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