Isolation vs Liberation

It’s been my first week of self-isolation in the UK due to the Coronavirus.

-Many religious groups are saying that this is the ‘Wrath of God’ or a sign of the ‘Second Coming’

-Others are saying that this is the doing of the Illuminati, or a sign of human ascension.  Essentially the cosmos correcting itself.

-And then there are those proclaiming that this is retribution for the dominancy of ‘White Supremacy’…

For the sake of sanity I’m going to ignore all but my penultimate statement, more specially the second apart about human ascension, which is a loaded statement in it’s own right.  All other statements can be considered noise.

Prior to this many of us had meandered through life, through work, and social activities yet still feeling isolated even in the presence of others, being within the collective but not feeling a part of it.  The fact is that whether alone or with others isolation or loneliness is sadly a normal part of some people’s lives.

Sometimes we are so embroiled in the lives of others and our necessary survival functions that we fail to be in touch with ourselves.  That is not to say that there is something wrong with those who feel this way (as all of us have experienced this), it is more so that we have not yet realised how worthy, great and deserving of a fulfilling life that we really are.

It may appear that our ‘self-isolation’ may further heighten our feelings of loneliness.  However, if we change this from ‘time alone’ to ‘time by myself’ we are able to use this time as an opportunity to connect with ourselves rather than further feelings of isolation.

We can only connect with others if we connect with ourselves.  Therefore, using this period as ‘time for yourself’ can be a powerful tool for resolving inner conflict, exploring new interests, new ideas and even re-connecting with those you have not communicated with in a long time to create, re-kindle and maintain relationships.  In short, using your innate, or new-found value to add value to the lives of others, through making them feel and acknowledge their own inner self-worth.

One of the ways that I have found useful in connecting with myself is to get away from the noise of others and ask yourself some personal questions.  When we are alone we have the opportunity to hear with our hearts and not with our minds, because the mind is merely the tool that is used by the heart in the application of honest and authentic thought.

This could be considered a type of mediation, although no formal technique is required to meditate, as mediation is merely a natural state of self-connection.  All that is required is to observe one’s breathing.

Start with how you feel, not with what is on your mind and you will see the difference between what you think you know, and what you know you know about yourself and do not be afraid to embrace those negative feelings and emotions.

If there is some relationship between the current events and human ascension, then it may only be understood and realised through the filtering out of the noise of others, and the sound of our authentic voice; a voice that will also help others hear their own voice and acknowledge that we are all really signing the same song.



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